Birmingham hookups wanted

We have a fantasy that we really want to try out with a new couple. She wants to feel and be treated like a filthy slag, she’s long had a fantasy about being shagged up a wall by a strangers on a drunken night out. She’ll be out in her dress waiting to be picked up and took off somewhere to be fucked. They need to be strangers make the fantasy real. You’ll have to take her to a park and start dogging in the car. I’ll be right there watching it all happen and wanking outside the car. It doesn’t matter if it’s only the bloke or bird or both at once. As long as she’s getting shagged in the car or up a pub wall, she’ll be happy. We’re looking for hookups in Birmingham, Coventry or Wolverhampton areas. Click here to browse more dirty photos.

She has a big bean and cums really easily, so you’ll have to take it easy with her. She might not be able to cum more than once. She wants it to be really good. She wants to be edged while she works to get your baby batter out and all over her chest. It would be best if the woman can do that for her. It’s a fantasy that we’ve both had for a very long time. You won’t have to spend a quid, but make it seem real.

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