Free fuck spots for dogging in Birmingham

Birmingham dogging slut ready for action with fishnet stockings, shows and a short skirt not to mention a wet cunt ready for cock.

Birmingham is well known for its sex clubs, parlours and swing events but not much is said about the after dark shenanigans which of course is dogging and takes place all over Birmingham with dirty dogging sluts and with Birmingham being big and very popular with our sex contacts you can be guaranteed that there are dogging locations all over the area which are frequented by our horny dogging contacts every night of the week, Not only do we have the filthiest dogging contacts but have tons of sexy exhibitionists, voyeurs and watchers all looking for a bit of the action. Click here to find dogging action in Brum.

We here at Birmingham adult personals tend to everyone’s needs and provide you with details etc on the latest dogging events and where they happen. Me and a couple of my regular dogging members have put a small list of dogging locations in Birmingham that are in use every night so if your stuck on some where for you and the wife to go dogging then please check out these locations tried and tested by genuine Birmingham doggers from here:

1. Stone Bridge Island Go on the A452 towards Balsall Common following the duel carriage way up to the next island go round the island and go back towards Stonebridge island stopping at the last layby

2. Sutton Coldfield park this place is a very large park with a toilet, You just need to get out of the car, walk around and you will come to the dogging action.

3. High Gate common there’s 8 yes 8 car parks which are pretty busy on Fri and sat evenings, These are also in use and busy enough on Sundays and finally If your near Shirley and into daytime dogging then why not go over the dog walking fields by the pond, Just nod your heads to indicate your interested and want to join in.

Click here for more dogging spots.

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